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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I Kissed Another Woman

Dear Diva Rebecca,

I kissed another women while still in a 4 year long relationship. I was the asshole. Cold shoulder to her like she did something wrong! 9 months later I am beginning to realize what I am missing. She has feelings for me but maybe not the way I percieve them. I realize that I do love her and should have sealed the deal! Do I or don't I begin to patch and try to get back with the ex?



Dear Regretful,

It is never too late to try and make amends for mistakes you have made. You have already successfully made the first step, which is also the biggest. And that step is admitting to yourself what happened, admitting that you made a mistake and acknowledging that you were wrong. Bravo to you. Most people do not get this far. Now you can begin to try and patch things up with your woman.

Now, even if she does not take you back, the least she deserves is that apology and hearing from you how sorry you are. If you let her know that it was the biggest mistake of your life, you will always regret it (and so on), you have no idea how relieved and happy she will be. Even if she does not act like it, inside she will be jumping for joy. It will be her own personal retribution. The point is, she still deserves to hear this even if the outcome is not in your favor.

Another point you should know is to keep trying, keep pushing and keep groveling. The girl is not going to come back to you on the first apology (if she has any feelings of self worth anyways). She is going to make you work for it. So don't give up if she gives you the cold shoulder. Throw your pride out the window and sink to your knees. Send her flowers, love notes and serenade her outside her window. Pretty soon she will be on cloud nine and the little transgression you made will be forgotten.


Diva Rebecca


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